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SlasheR and Bevils Respond to Criticism of Latest Gentleman’s Agreement in Competitive Call of Duty

Published: 14/May/2018 12:52 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 17:01

by Ross Deason


Rise Nation’s Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat and the coach of Evil Geniuses, Embry ‘Bevils’ Bevil, have weighed in on the recent gentleman’s agreement involving the ITRA burst fire assault rifle in Call of Duty: WWII.

Professional Call of Duty players recently made a new gentleman’s agreement not to use the ITRA, or Long Barrel on the BAR, in competitive play as they believe them to be overpowered.


While some pros, like OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, have spoken out against this decision, the majority seem to think it was the right choice and it will therefore stand.

Gentlemen’s agreements hold no weight in the eyes of the CWL so players could decide to still use the weapon but it would be seen as poor etiquette, and likely cause community outrage, so don’t expect to see any ITRA game play when Season 2 of the CWL Pro League begins.


With gentlemen’s agreements being more prevalent than ever before in Call of Duty: WWII, the divide between pros and fans seems be greater than ever and a number of Reddit threads and Twitter posts that criticized the players popped up after the agreement was made public.

In one of these Reddit threads, SlasheR and Bevils defended the decision and explained why they believed it would improve things:

The main argument in favor of banning the ITRA is that it is so powerful that no other options are being picked for the likes of Search and Destroy tournaments while even respawn requires two of the burst rifle in virtually all maps.


While critics say that constantly banning powerful weapons or attachments will make the game boring, the professional player and coach argue that the effect will be the total opposite.

Debates about gentlemen’s agreements in profesional Call of Duty seem to a weekly occurrence now, so it is unlikely that anything will be entirely resolved in the near future.

Call of Duty

How to get free Texas Chainsaw Massacre emblem & calling card in Warzone

Published: 19/Oct/2020 21:18 Updated: 19/Oct/2020 21:22

by Tanner Pierce


Activision has officially unveiled all the details about the Haunting of Verdansk event coming to Call of Duty: Warzone, and it’s going to be packed with spooky content. To celebrate, Lionsgate is offering special Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed content for the game, and we’ve got the details on how to unlock them.

After being leaked around a week ago, Activision has finally unveiled its Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossovers in Warzone. Players will soon be able to purchase bundles based on the two horror franchises in the in-game store for around $20, and they both come with the usual suspects: ew Operators skins, weapon blueprints, emotes, etc.


Players will also be able to get their hands on a couple of items themed around the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise without having to put down any cash or COD points at all if they follow some simple steps.

How to unlock the Texas Chainsaw Massacre emblem & calling card?

Unlocking these items is simple – you don’t have to do anything within the actual Modern Warfare or Warzone application to earn them. Instead, just get on their computer or mobile device, go to the film franchise’s main website and follow some easy steps in order to get a free emblem and calling card:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Proceed” button that pops up near the bottom of the screen.
  3. After the images and text, enter your email where provided.
  4. Click submit.
Texas Chainsaw Warzone
If players want to get their hands on Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed items, they’ll have to follow the steps below.

After that point, Activision will send you a code for the emblem and calling card within two weeks. It is interesting to note, however, that the fine print on the website says it’ll be available in-game after November 9, 2020, which would technically be three weeks from the announcement, so it’s unknown what the case actually is.

We also don’t technically have a peek at either the calling card or emblem, so it’s anyone’s best guess as to what it actually looks like in-game. More than likely, it’ll be similar to the image seen on the site – but that’s pure speculation at this point.

We’ll update this article with more details and images when they become available.