Slacked hits out at “weird and fake” Florida Mutineers teammates after leaving CDL team

Jacob Hale
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Just hours after it was announced that Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry would officially be parting ways with Call of Duty League’s Florida Mutineers, he didn’t hold back when asked on stream about his former teammates, going in on them as “weird” and “fake.”

Slacked was moved to the substitute bench in April ahead of the Stage 3 Major, and had failed to earn his spot back on the starting roster ever since.

Now, the team definitely look like they can do some damage in the CDL, and Slacked has committed himself to grinding it out in Challengers and growing his stream.

Does he miss playing with his Florida teammates, though? We’d guess not after this…

Slacked Florida Mutineers CDL 2021
Slacked didn’t have the best time on Florida Mutineers.

While grinding out some games on his first stream after leaving the team, one viewer asked who his favorite Mutineers teammate was — and got a little more than they bargained for.

“I really didn’t have one,” Slacked said, after a short moment trying to figure out what to say. “Those guys were pretty weird to me, man, I’m not going to lie. Pretty damn weird and fake.”

He finished off saying “I really don’t like any of those guys, to be honest. I don’t got a problem with them, but they did me kind of dirty.”

It’s no secret that Florida had their struggles with Slacked, and this was apparent in some of their results. But for Slacked to outright say he didn’t like any of his teammates will likely come as a surprise to Mutineers fans.

It’s unlikely Slacked finds himself on another CDL team during the 2021 season, but it will be interesting to see if he ends up on a starting roster in 2022, because that Slacked vs. Florida Mutineers grudge match would be a must-watch.

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