Skrapz calls out Slacked over Luminosity’s controversial win vs FaZe at CWL London

FaZe Clan’s Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall was livid after his team crashed out of CWL London due to a bizarre glitch, and was far from pleased with Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry’s post-match social media posts.

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What happened during the FaZe and LG match?

FaZe finally returned to the Call of Duty pro scene after purchasing Red Reserve’s spot, and made an impressive start to pool play, but soon fell into the losers bracket where they matched up against Luminosity Gaming.

During the final round of Control, FaZe were able to capture the A point to seemingly hand them the win, only for LG to bizarrely emerge victorious after Slacked was able to wipe out the opposing team and the decision was upheld after the footage was reviewed.

Despite Zooma capping the point, FaZe lost the map and were ultimately eliminated from losers bracket.
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Former Red Reserve player, Skrapz, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, stating that he’d “been robbed” describing the events that unfolded as “shambolic”.

Slacked had come under fire for seemingly taunting FaZe Zero after the result and tweeted that his actions had been misunderstood – but Skrapz wasn’t at all interested in his claims, stating that he was defending the decision behind the scenes.

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Evil Geniuses’ sub Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson was quick to leap to the defence of Slacked but Skrapz continued to condone the actions of the LG member.

The FaZe pro responded bluntly: “Don’t come in the back gassing about you deserve the win for that map.”

There has still been no official comment on the bug that saw FaZe crash out of their first tournament since returning to the pro league, but the footage could prompt an update to the Control playlist for future events.

The admins at the London event decided the easiest and fairest approach was to simply go by the result which the game itself determined – an LG round win, but Treyarch will be aware of the controversy caused.

Now for Skrapz and his new teammates, the focus must turn to perfecting their game ahead of CWL Anaheim, which takes place on June 14-16.