Call of Duty

Skadoodle demands Treyarch give him specialist reward after his game crashes at worst possible moment

by Wyatt Donigan


As Black Ops 4 players race to unlock the newly release specialist skins in Blackout, retired CS:GO pro Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham narrowly missed out on unlocking one after a poorly-timed game crash.


Unlocking specialists in Blackout is no easy feat as players are tasked with completing a series of tough challenges during matches to do so.

Seraph is one of the toughest to unlock, requiring players to shoot targets in the Firing Range POI on the map, use a special gun to eliminate other players, and then finish in the Top 5 (in Duos at least).


Despite the steep requirements, Skadoodle was zooming right through, having picked up the weapon and going on a spree in Firing Range to advance through the challenge list.

Everything was looking good for Skadoodle to finish the lengthy challenge when he was hit with the most poorly-timed game crash ever (well, this crash was also pretty brutal).


“My game crashed,” Skadoodle says before trying to laugh off the tragedy. “Yes, man. That’s exactly what I wanted!”

As Skadoodle and his teammates get ready for the next game, he issues a demand to Treyarch, saying “Treyarch, give me the character right now. Listen, between me and you.”


The worst part of all is that even if Skadoodle had died at that point in the game, he would have unlocked the specialist since he was already in the Top 5. But because his game crashed, he didn’t receive his rewards.

This is one story that has a happy ending, though, since Skadoodle ended up unlocking the skin later on in his stream, making up for this terribly timed game crash.