Simple Modern Warfare 2 glitch lets you use weapon blueprints without buying them

modern warfare 2 taq 56 blueprintActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have discovered a glitch that allows them to use any store blueprint in Ranked Play, regardless of whether they’ve actually paid for the bundle or not.

In recent years, weapon blueprints have become huge in Call of Duty multiplayer and Warzone, with unique designs and attachments to make you stand out on the battlefield.

These have been bolstered by collaborations with the likes of Scream, Rambo, Die Hard, and, with Season 2 Reloaded, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The issue most players have with these blueprints, however, is the fact that they are often trapped behind a paywall, especially the best ones. While you might be willing to spend a little bit of money for a particular bundle you’re really fond of, most players don’t want to keep loading up their account with CoD points to buy every one.

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Fortunately for those players though, it’s possible to use a bunch of blueprints that you haven’t paid for in Ranked Play, and it doesn’t even require any crazy glitch to take advantage of.

Use Modern Warfare 2 blueprints for free

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Head into Ranked Play from the Modern Warfare 2 menu.
  2. Go to the loadout you want to get a new blueprint for, such as a TAQ-56 class as in the example below.
  3. Click on the TAQ.
  4. Click on ‘Store’.
  5. Go to the blueprint you want to use.
  6. Press L2 to select it.
  7. Now, it should be on your gun and ready to go.

As you can tell, there are only certain blueprints available, and you don’t have full access to the Store’s inventory, but it still gives you a few more options to make use of and show off in Ranked Play.

Once you’ve done this, you can change the attachments to make the best TAQ-56 class while retaining the special skin.

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It’s hard to imagine Infinity Ward leaving this in the game, so it may well get patched out before long, so make sure to make use of it while you still can.