Call of Duty

Shroud’s Controller Disconnects at the Worst Possible Moment While Playing the New 'Blackout' Private Beta

by Virginia Glaze
shroud / BounceGeek


Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek was right in the middle of a game in the Private Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's new 'Blackout' battle royale mode when his controller disconnected.


He had just sighted an enemy and was exchanging gunfire when his controller disconnected due to low battery.

Shroud didn’t get a chance to fight back; he was shot down while searching for his power cord to reconnect his controller.


Amidst his cries (and laughs) of despair came a voice over his comms: “Outgunned, outplayed, and out of luck.”

He plugged his DualShock 4 back in and returned to the game - but not before bemoaning his luck.

“Nooo! Why?”


He took the unfortunate loss like a champ, laughing it off along with his chat, who found his predicament even more amusing than he did.

The Blackout Private Beta is now available to players who pre-ordered the title on the PlayStation 4. It kicked off on September 10, and flies a total of 80 players into a map cited by Treyarch's David Vonderhaar as being “1500 times bigger than Nuketown” via special wingsuits.


The Blackout Private Beta spans until September 17 for PS4 users. Players opting for the XBox One and PC will get their hands on the Private Beta starting September 14 through 17, with the PC Open Beta spanning from September 15 through 17. 

PC players will need to have a account to take part in the both the Early Access release and the title’s Open Beta.