Shroud experiences framerate oddity in Blackout PC pre-order beta

Shroud / Treyarch

Major streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek noted an oddity in Call of Duty: Blackout’s framerate during a stream of the game’s PC pre-order beta.

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While chatting with another player, Shroud stated that he’d experienced some issues with the game’s framerate after adjusting his settings.

According to Shroud, he’d placed his settings on high, but was still getting a framerate of 90 FPS. However, he stated that he felt as though he was getting less frames than that amount, and subsequently lowered his settings.

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That didn’t fix the issue, though – while he still capped at 90 FPS, he stated that the framerate felt higher than what was projected.

“I don’t understand why that is,” he questioned. “I don’t really get it. I’m not sure how that works.”

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In an AMA on Reddit, Treyarch’s Community Manager revealed that the PC beta would be capped out at a total of 90 FPS throughout the play period in order to ensure a “smooth experience” for all players.

Keep in mind that this cap is not intended for the game’s full release: while the Beta will remain at 90 FPS, the full game will likely feature more extensive framerate settings. A Reddit user by the name of Orthiax questioned the cap, to which the Community Manager responded that it was just a test and not the final product.

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The PC pre-order beta began on September 14, with the PC open beta starting up on September 15 alongside the XBox One beta. The beta will end across all platforms on September 17, at 1 PM EST.

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