Shroud addresses Nadia’s Warzone cheating accusations with simple rebuttal: “Who cares?”

Nadia next to shroudYouTube: Nadia / Twitch: Shroud

With mega-popular content creators like Ludwig and Ninja chiming in on recent controversy surrounding rising Warzone streamer Nadia, Shroud has now jumped into the conversation to ask why anyone cares about the cheating accusations.

In the span of just a few months Nadia has gone from a relatively small Warzone competitor to the biggest female personality in the CoD scene today. With thousands watching her every move on social media, Nadia’s quick rise to fame has led many to cast cheating allegations her way.

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Online discourse reached a boiling point during the Call of Duty Next LAN event, wherein, further accusations caught fire across social media with Nadia addressing them one by one. From being swatted to having CoD pro Censor propose to her, it’s been one thing after the next on the back of this unparalleled cheating drama.

While many Warzone stars have been accused in the past, none have quite broken through to the mainstream like Nadia has. The likes of Ninja, Dr Disrespect, Moistcr1tikal, and Ludwig have all chimed in on the controversy and now, we can add shroud to that list.

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As one of the sharpest aimers of all time, the CSGO phenom turned streaming sensation and occasional Valorant pro knows a thing or two about tapping heads. Shroud has even had some iconic CoD highlights himself over the years. But when the topic of Nadia’s gameplay came into question during an October 4 stream, he wasn’t too eager to give it much thought.

“Do you have any input on that Nadia girl that plays CoD?” a viewer asked the human aimbot. “Dude, I don’t care about CoD, I’m sorry,” he replied bluntly, loading into another Valorant match in the background.

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From shroud’s point of view, cheating accusations simply don’t matter here for one specific reason: Nadia happens to play Warzone with a controller. If she were using a mouse and keyboard instead, then perhaps shroud would be more inclined to find some answers. But since it’s a controller player coming under fire, he’s unconcerned.

“If she’s on controller, which I think she is, you’re never gonna figure it out,” he said. “Controller aim assist is pretty much the same thing as cheating so who the f*** cares? Who actually cares?”

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Clearly, shroud isn’t looking to pile on with the accusations, nor is he interested in trying to disprove them either. Instead, he’s content letting it all pass him by due to the existing power of controller aim assist in Warzone already.

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