Shameless Warzone cheater rage quits stream after aimbot stops working

Warzone operator doing finger gunsActivision

The Warzone community is having a blast after a streamer who was openly cheating rage quit because his aimbot broke. 

Warzone devs have been doing everything in their power to minimize the number of hackers in the battle royale, with mixed results.

While cheaters continue to get banned, normal players are loving every second of ‘fall of hackers’, and this time it was caught on camera.

Warzone streamer still loses while hacking

A tweet posted by MavriqGG had the Warzone community rolling out of their chairs, laughing, as they watched the cheating player complain for two straight minutes.

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In the clip, the streamer actually went live while using hacks on Rebirth Island, and to his surprise, he wasn’t winning gunfights without any effort, as he expected.

Throughout the video, he gets frustrated with the game as he feels he should be killing people faster and not losing any fights. At one point his started aiming at the floor and said, “The aimbot just f**king broke again.”

The community had a blast with this, and even Swagg joined in on the bashing calling the cheater “a loser.”

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Another person loved what they were watching. “This is better than seeing him get banned. I’d much rather watch a cheater lose his hacks mid-game this is gold!!!”

According to the streamer, their cheats were not working as intended and he had to end his stream and said he was going to try and “fix his situation” with the cheat provider.

This particular cheat provider has actually been sued by Activision for millions of dollars for providing players with hacks to Warzone. At this time it is unknown who the streamer is and if they have been banned for their actions.

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