The secrets behind OpTic Chicago’s CDL win over Atlanta FaZe

CDL secrets behind OpTic's win over FazeDexerto

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OpTic Chicago finally took down the Call of Duty League’s top dogs with a huge Game 5 win over Atlanta FaZe. To break down the secrets behind their recent success, join Dexerto’s Andrew Campion as he dives into one of the best matches of the season.

There’s no denying OpTic struggled throughout the first four Stages. Though the fan-favorite squad appears to have reached a new form with a 3-0 record now placing them atop Group A. While there were plenty of doubts going in, a monumental matchup against FaZe finally pushed them over the edge during the Minnesota Home Series.

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In one of the best games this year, the two clashed through to a Round 11 showdown in Game 5. But what was the secret ingredient that helped them find success? Dexerto’s Andrew Campion is here to break down the memorable series.

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