Secret Warzone Season 6 killstreak reveals all circle locations

Warzone character with the Warzone logoActivision

Call of Duty Warzone players have uncovered a brand new killstreak in Season 6 that wasn’t included in the patch notes – and it looks like its exclusive to the bunkers.

Season 6 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone went live on September 29, bringing a whole raft of new content  – including two new weapons, new multiplayer maps, two new operators, and a few fresh modes for Warzone. 

On top of that, Warzone players can also use the fast-travel Metro system to hop around the map. 

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Yet, even though the season is barely in its infancy, players have already uncovered a secret new killstreak that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes and appears to be popping up in the different bunkers. 

Modern Warfare charactersActivision
Warzone Season 6 has brought plenty of new content to the fold.

It’s called Foresight and, well, it takes the Recon circle peek contracts that can be found around the map and cuts through the time needed to complete them. 

Quite simply, if you find yourself with the streak, activating it will show you the complete set of circle rotations – including those at the very end when the circle starts to wade back through the gas and also starts getting smaller and smaller. 

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As noted, it appears as if this Warzone killstreak can only be found inside of a bunker – be it as floor loot or out of the upgraded supply crates – so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else just yet. 

It’s unknown whether or not the killstreak will be added to the Buy Stations or if it can also be found in the upgraded drops that come when you take down one of the helicopters. So, you’ll need the bunker locations and codes that can be found here

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On top of that, players have also noted that Self Revive Kits have been popping up in supply crates, so it appears as if Season 6 is going to seriously shake up Warzone.

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