Secret Warzone glitch lets Black Ops Cold War players unlock new AMP63 Pistol early

. 1 year ago
BOCW AMP63 Pistol

A new Warzone Season 3 bug allows players to unlock the new AMP63 Pistol and take it with them into Black Ops Cold War ahead of its official release.

As part of the major Season 3 Reloaded update, two new weapons were locked in for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. After an earlier tease, the Ballistic Knife became available as soon as the patch went live. However, the AMP63 Pistol was held back for an in-season release.

We’re only 11 days removed from the midseason update and while no timeline was mapped out for the gun, players are already getting their hands on it.

Completing the relevant challenge in Warzone – taking out five enemies with a pistol in 20 separate matches – permanently unlocks the gun. Ahead of any official confirmation, this challenge is already live in Warzone.

Due to this early access, players are taking the new unlock right into Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, whether Treyarch planned it or not.

Black Ops Cold War AMP63 gameplay
The AMP63 was set for a release in the latter half of Season 3.

The AMP63 is a fast-firing Pistol that pays homage to a classic SMG. Originally known as the PM63 in Black Ops, this gun was once a deadly SMG. Now reworked as a Pistol, it’s among the latest batch of fresh content in Cold War.

Activision typically announces when these new additions are set to go live. Before they could make things official this time around, however, the weapon is already wreaking havoc ahead of schedule; multiple players spotted the sidearm in multiplayer on May 31.

In fact, some were even on the receiving end of its dual wield power as early as May 28.

While it’s a lengthy challenge to unlock through Warzone directly, gaining access to the AMP63 early puts you at a unique advantage. Not only will enemies be confused by what hit them, they’ll also have no way to match your power and bring their own new pistol into the fight.

This certainly isn’t the first time upcoming weapons have spilled out ahead of their intended release dates. We’ve even seen SMGs unlocked before the devs were able to announce them.

Activision is yet to respond in this instance. There’s no telling if any issues will arise when the gun is properly made available. 

For now, you’ll have to be cautious in multiplayer. Early trendsetters might be looking to abuse the power of the AMP63 until its official release.

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