Secret Modern Warfare 2 teaser discovered by Call of Duty players

Ghost in WarzoneActivision

The first teaser for Call of Duty 2022, thought to be Modern Warfare 2, has just been discovered by eagle-eyed fans of the franchise. 

Call of Duty teaser season is officially here as the very first hints towards the next game have been discovered.

It didn’t take long at all for COD players to hunt down a secret that was hidden in plain sight on social media.

Modern Warfare 2 teasers discovered by COD fans

Modern Warfare 2 Estate mapActivision
It’s teaser season and we’ve got out first hint towards MWII’s campaign.

Things kicked off when Infinity Ward, the developers of the upcoming game, blacked out their social media on April 22.

In tradition with previous releases, players wasted no time shining a light into the shadows of the company’s official Twitter profile picture and banner, and that instinct proved to be a solid one.

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What waited in the inky blackness was the familiar face of Simon “Ghost” Riley, a key member of the MW series’ Taskforce 141.

Canonically, the last time players saw Ghost in action was in the original Modern Warfare 2 where he fought alongside Gary “Roach” Sanderson until the pair died together at the hands of the turncoat General Shepherd.

This raises a ton of questions about when the new game takes place and how exactly the fan-favorite character fits into its narrative, but expect more answers as the usual end-of-the-year release date draws closer.