Scump explains what went wrong in OpTic’s CDL loss to FaZe

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Scump talking to the camera
YouTube: Scump

OpTic Chicago suffered a nail-biting 2-3 defeat at the hands of Atlanta FaZe to close out the first week of Call of Duty League action and now Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has outlined exactly what he thinks went wrong.

The opening week of the 2021 CDL season brought us the first epic clash between OpTic and FaZe. These two juggernauts are destined to go at it all year as both teams push to top the standings. With the first matchup now in the books, Scump has explained exactly what led to their first defeat of the year.

It was one of four games that went the distance throughout the first week, proving how close these teams are. Both Hardpoints came within 25 points and the lone Control map went all the way to a fifth round. However, it was the Search & Destroy that proved to be the biggest difference.

OpTic secured just a single round across two SnD’s. Despite this, Scump doesn’t believe they’re as “bad of a Search team as [they] showed.”

“We were just getting hard countered,” he said in a February 16 YouTube video breaking down the loss. “I don’t know what the hell happened to our SnD, [we] just didn’t have an answer for what they were doing.”

Early insight from the team revealed concerns around their SnD, though Scump assured it’s been a key area of focus lately. “We have been scrimming it, I promise. At least two to three times a week. We honestly don’t really lose it that much when we scrim it.”

While the team “had no pressure” when it came to SnD against FaZe, Scump believes his own performance was what held them back the most. “I was playing a little timid, not playing like I normally would,” he explained.

“I had a really bad map on Miami… I was at a loss for words after that map.”

Though even with his 0-6 scoreline on Miami matching the round count, the series shouldn’t have gone to a second SnD, according to Scump. “We should have closed on [Moscow Hardpoint].

“We were literally one kill away… if aBeZy doesn’t go huge, we just flat out win the map.” A mere five-point deficit cost OpTic the map and Scump firmly believes they could have closed it out if not for aBeZy’s insane clutch.

“Literally he won them that map, single-handedly. We should have just 3-1’d them right there.”

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While they couldn’t close it out the first time around, Scump appears confident that the eventual rematch will be different. “For us to almost beat them when I wasn’t playing that great, I think that’s a great sign for our team.”

OpTic’s second week pits them against Toronto Ultra and the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Keep up to date with all the action using our dedicated hub.