Scump says Dashy is “here to stay” after OpTic’s dominant CDL opener

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After a year spent apart from the original OpTic Gaming roster, Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell is back with the boys and, following an impressive CDL debut, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner claims that the team is inseparable.

When OpTic Gaming was bought by Immortals Gaming in 2019, the Green Wall split up. While the team’s veteran core shifted to the Chicago Huntsmen for the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season, young star Dashy stayed with the rebranded OpTic Los Angeles.

Now, in a swap to 4v4 for Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War in the CDL 2021 season, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez reacquired the OpTic brand and brought Dashy home. And, across one preseason and one official season match, OpTic Chicago is an impressive 6-0. More importantly, the vibes are immaculate.

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In the postgame interview for the most recent win, a sweep of the Los Angeles Guerrillas during Opening Week, Scump let fans know just how great it has been to have the crew reunited. Going into some detail, the veteran superstar stymied concerns and confirmed that the man known as Bruce is here to stay.

In the Kickoff Classic, Dashy didn’t post a single negative K/D. Then, in the season debut, he upped that ante by posting a team-high, game-high 1.34. By all accounts, Dashy’s 2020 form (in which he struggled with work ethic concerns and a benching) is behind him, and whether it’s Treyarch, Texas, or the OG branding, the team looks .

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When asked about Bruce’s return, Scump was all smiles and expressed just how committed to the team Dashy has professed to be: “He also says that he’s never leaving, no one’s ever getting his spot again. So I think that Bruce is here to stay.”

Having stayed at Scump’s home for weeks while acclimating to Texas, it’s clear that the gang is happy to be reunited. In other interviews, Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon has mentioned the team nights and, outside of the game, the energy is impossible to ignore. And in our own interview with Dashy, he strongly echoed that sentiment.

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Dashy playing for OGLAActivision
Benched in 2020, Dashy’s form has returned alongside his team’s brand.

When we asked how he would contrast this season with his struggles with work ethic in 2020, Dashy confirmed that being back with OpTic is “definitely a change, for the better obviously.” 

He then elaborated that the group’s comfort with each other makes the season’s grind less strenuous: “Getting on with these guys, it’s fun every day. We’re really good, we improve every day, we have a good time. It makes getting up for work pretty easy every day.”

OpTic Gaming is back with H3CZ, Dashy is back with T2P and, undefeated thus far in CDL 2021, the team is as happy as can be.

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