Scump reveals one key change he would make in CoD: Vanguard

Jacob Hale
Scump Call of Duty Vanguard
Activision/YouTube: Scump

The Vanguard beta is over and the full launch is due on November 5. OpTic Chicago pro Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is seriously excited about the game — but has said there’s one key feature he would change in it.

The legendary Call of Duty player has already said that he feels competitive players and fans are in for a great year, and he’s made it clear he’s a huge fan of the regular multiplayer, too.

Although the beta wasn’t short of issues, with many complaints particularly about spawns and audio problems, it’s still been pretty well-received by CoD players.

With the expectation that many of the biggest problems will be fixed by the November 5 launch, especially after some post-beta patch notes provided by devs Sledgehammer Games, Scump believes there’s a lot to look forward to.

Vanguard Beta impressions
Vanguard is bringing the action back to a World War 2 setting.

The one thing he says he would like to change, though, is something many players have expressed concern over: the time-to-kill (TTK).

While enemies don’t die quite as quickly as they did in Modern Warfare, from which Vanguard shares an engine, Scump wants the TTK raised slightly so that gunfights last a tiny bit longer.

After gushing about how much he enjoyed the game and the maps, he said: “The gunplay in this game is great. My one big quarrel with the gunplay is the time-to-kill needs to be just a little bit slower. It’s pretty quick on every single gun.”

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Saying that it currently feels closer to a hardcore type of game, Scump does seem to be taking issue with it but doesn’t seem convinced that that’s likely to change when the full game comes out.

Sledgehammer Games will no doubt be taking feedback from players over the direction of the game, but whether they completely rework the weapons to increase TTK remains to be seen.