Scump reveals he has “multi-million dollar” hands insured, urges CDL pros to do the same

OpTic Scump in a CDL matchCall of Duty League

Now retired CoD legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner revealed that he has his hands insured, and recommends other Call of Duty League players follow in his footsteps.

In the latest episode of the OpTic Podcast, Scump went into a discussion on various topics regarding the CDL, now that he’s officially moved on from competitive play, marking the end of an illustrious career.

One such topic was physical maintenance, and how esports pros, particularly those in the CoD space, should be taking care of their bodies. One such way is by insuring their hands, something Scump has clearly done, with OpTic President, H3CZ, calling them “multi-million dollar” hands.

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It shocked the other OpTic Texas players Shotzzy and Huke, that it even was a thing that could be done. Even asking H3CZ if he was joking, but he assured them it very much is not a laughing matter.

H3CZ can even be seen telling one staff member behind the camera to make sure they have both players’ hands insured once they go off the air. When the players questioned the point, Scump gave a hypothetical. 

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“What if you’re walking down the stairs, take a bad step, boom! Wrist is gone” he says. “Career’s over” replied H3CZ. 

Scump retorts with a smile saying your career won’t be over because you can recover from it. But he questions how a player will make money during their recovery period while not being able to compete. That’s where the insurance comes in.

He and H3CZ even urged not only the OpTic players, but all CDL players to get their hands covered. Saying to the players that they aren’t too late into their careers to get it insured, with Scump revealing he had only gotten his insured around three years ago. 

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Insuring the hands of Esports players and gaming creators is not a new thing, even though Scump has only just brought it to light in the CoD space.

T1 legend Faker has his right hand insured for KR₩1billion, totaling to around $812,000 USD, after the team partnered with the Korean Finance Company Hana Bank. And Warzone Streamer FaZe Swagg also revealed his hands are insured for a whopping $7 million.

There have not been many other reports of hand insurance as it most likely is information closely guarded by teams and players. But given Scump’s openness in discussing the process, we’re sure to see many others following suit in the near future.

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