Scump & OpTic Texas confirm Dashy was dropped because of ‘attitude issues’

Dashy on OpTic GamingMLG

OpTic Texas have confirmed that Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell was dropped from the roster as a result of continuing attitude problems, with Scump keen to salvage his final Call of Duty League season.

CDL Major 1, won by the New York Subliners, has given way to a mid-season rostermania in the Call of Duty League.

After weeks of turmoil, fan favorite org OpTic Texas have finally confirmed the acquisiton of Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland to replace the outgoing Dashy.

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In a January 12 episode of the OpTic Podcast, the squad finally discussed at length the process of replacing Dashy.

Among other things, they confirmed that he was dropped as a result of ongoing attitude problems, the same reasons there was talk of a roster change in the off season.

Scump & OpTic Texas confirm Dashy was dropped due to ‘attitude’

Opening the podcast, Scump explained that it was a “team decision” and he “hates” having to drop his friends. However, with the MW2 season confirmed as being his last, it’s understandable that issues have to be quickly addressed.

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Specifically, Rambo and Scump confirmed Dashy was dropped due to his ‘attitude’. While they did not say it outright, they explained that there are two reasons players are dropped. The first is talent and the second is attitude.

Rambo said: “We were going to make a roster change in the off-season. It didn’t happen, we felt like we could move through it. We ended up not being able to do it… the reasons that led us to wanna make the roster change in the off-season is what led us to make a roster change at this point.”

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Timestamp: 29:45

It has previously been confirmed that Dashy’s “attitude” was the reason OpTic Texas considered dropping him prior to the MW2 season. They ultimately decided to “run it back.”

Scump added: “We had a talk at the start of the year and we laid it out on the table. This is what we expect from everybody, this is what we want this year. If we don’t get it there’s gonna be f**king problems. There were problems… That’s why I wanted Ray to say it’s not performance-based, because it’s not performance-based, at all.”

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Dashy, for his part, has issued a series of responses to the podcast. While live early on January 13, he refuted aspects of OpTic Texas’ reasoning, saying he was no worse as a teammate than anyone else. He even accused Rambo of occasionally skipping scrims to go bowling.

Dashy remains unattached after leaving OpTic Texas. The second CDL Major kicks off with Qualifiers on January 13.