Scump no longer open to postponing retirement due to MW2 struggles: “It’s chalked”

Scump playing Modern Warfare 2Twitch: Scump / Activision

CoD legend Scump is no longer open to holding off his retirement, even if OpTic should go flawless throughout the season, due to the problematic state of Modern Warfare 2.

After 12 years of competing at the highest level, Scump is set to walk away from the Call of Duty League at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 season. The face of CoD esports announced as much on October 29, confirming that Modern Warfare 2 will be the last game he plays professionally.

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Just days later, however, he teased that one possibility could keep him around a little longer: A flawless year with the OpTic Texas squad. Should Scump, Dashy, iLLeY, and Shotzzy win every single event in dominant fashion throughout the upcoming season, he initially suggested he’d be open to running it back.

Obviously far from a guarantee, fans still held onto this sliver of hope that Scump would remain in the competitive spotlight if OpTic had an impeccable run. Though even this pipe dream has now been shut down as the King of CoD is more than frustrated with the state of this year’s release. Given the rough launch of Modern Warfare 2, not even a perfect stretch, multiple Major wins, and another World Championship could keep Scump around.

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The conversation kicked off again in the midst of Scump’s November 20 Twitch stream. While playing Warzone with Karma, Shotzzy, and a few others, many in his live chat were eager to hear about OpTic’s recent practice.

With custom lobbies bugging out, CDL rulesets not functioning, and more bugs popping up with each passing day, the lead-up to Major 1 has been far from ideal.

“Some teams are trying to scrim. Control isn’t even the same game mode. Hardpoint, apparently the spawns are all over the place, they’re not predictable at all. And CDL’s not ready, we can’t put CDL rules on. Basically, we’re f***ed. It’s chalked.”

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Essentially unable to practice in any meaningful capacity just days out from the start of the season, Scump joked that he might not even have the mental fortitude to withstand this coming year, let alone another on top of that. “My last year you know, all good, nothing to worry about. One more year. I got this right?”

Looping back to his earlier comments on the possibility of staying around, he quickly “[took] it back” after having dealt with Modern Warfare 2’s many launch issues. “Even if we went six for six, I still wouldn’t play next year.

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“I’m actually not playing again. Regardless, that’s it. No way people even want me to play again, we can’t even scrim. We have a match in two weeks and I can’t scrim. Man, it’s not easy. When it rains it pours.”

Shutting the door once and for all, Scump even claimed another superior CoD title wouldn’t drive him back to a further year in the CDL. “Even if you like the next CoD a lot, you’re still not coming back?” a fan asked. “No, holy sh**t no,” he replied bluntly.

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