Scump gains ludicrous number of Twitch subscribers in a single stream

Calum Patterson

OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner made it clear that he would be returning to more regular content creation for Black Ops 4, and it is already paying off on his Twitch stream.

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The OpTic star only streamed a handful of times throughout the CoD: WWII season, and his YouTube uploads also seriously dried up, often going months without a new video.

This was a serious change from previous years, where he would stream often and upload regularly, gaining over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel – the most of any current pro player.

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For Black Ops 4 though, Scump has been back in full content mode, streaming daily Black Ops 4 SnD tournaments, like many other of his fellow professional players.

Since Black Ops 4’s launch on October 12, in the space of just over two weeks, Scump’s subscriber count on Twitch has reached a whopping 10,000.

More remarkable still, he gained over 3,100 new subscribers in a single stream on October 27 – even more impressive given that he was competing for viewers with Doritos Bowl Blackout tournament, on the same night. On October 28, he gained another 2,500 subscribers, taking him over the 10,000 subscriber milestone. 

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Averaging over 11,000 viewers per stream, Scump is rivalling many of Twitch’s biggest stars, and bodes well for the upcoming competitive season of Call of Duty, in terms of over viewership.

With impressive plays like this in Black Ops 4, while playing Search and Destroy tournaments, it’s no wonder he is attracting big numbers.

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Gaining over 3,000 paying subscribers in a single stream is a feat only achieved by the very top streamers on Twitch, even the likes of Ninja and Shroud would be envious of such a number of new (not resubs) subscribers in a night of streaming.

On top of that, his YouTube content has also been constant with at least one, and sometimes two new videos a day.

It is testament to both Scump himself and to Black Ops 4. Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty title has boasted much better viewing figures in the launch period than its predecessor, WWII.

His new found resurgence on Twitch places him at number 23 on the fastest growing channel list, according to Twitch Metrics, beating the likes of full time streamer TimTheTatman, LoL developer Riot Games and fellow OpTic member CouRage, also a full time streamer.