Scump explains why he has no plans to stream full-time and stop competing

OpTic Gaming/Activision/Twitch

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is no doubt the biggest name in Call of Duty and one of the most well-known in the entire esports space, but after years of retirement rumors, he’s explained why he hasn’t called it quits on his career yet — and why he isn’t massively interested in a shift to full-time streaming.

Scump is one of the oldest players in the CoD League, approaching 27 but not showing any sign of slowing down.

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While retirement rumors have followed him for some time now — especially because of how big his content channels are and the inevitable success streaming would bring him — the King remains one of the most talented players in the league.

During a recent video for OpTic Gaming, Scump spoke about retirement, streaming, and ultimately why he’s still around.

Scump calls for CDL to revert to CWL format after winning $500K Major 1Twitter: @OpTicTexas
Scump is a legend in the Call of Duty space.

In a recreation of the ever-popular Hot Ones online series from First We Feast, Scump sat down with OpTic creative director Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards for an interview while eating hot wings, with some more serious conversations littered between the jokes and hot wing-induced suffering.

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After talking about how much he loves the camaraderie of having a team to hop on with and “go to battle,” Scump explained why he doesn’t think content creation would feel quite the same.

“Me and Zinni [Methodz] were talking about this,” he said. “Once we go to content, everything’s going to be steady. There’s never going to be a high, there’s never going to be a low … It’s just a steady baseline, and he was like ‘You’re going to get so bored if you retire.’”

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Scump went on to insist that he wouldn’t want to end his career on a low point, such as the win-less Cold War season in 2021, but he wants to go out on a high without falling off.

It’s fair to say that Scump’s eventual retirement will shock the Call of Duty community no matter how long we prepare for it — some fans have even suggested it would be bigger than NFL GOAT Tom Brady’s retirement.

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