Scump and Nadeshot playfully roast NAMELESS after facing him on Blackout

Matt Porter

Scump and Nadeshot took some playful digs at CWL Caster NAMELESS after an encounter on the Call of Duty: Blackout beta.

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The former teammates were playing duos matches on the beta when Matt ’Nadeshot’ Haag was knocked during a confrontation with an enemy opponent.

Reacting quickly, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner rushed to the 100 Thieves founder’s aid, taking down the opponent before he could kill Nadeshot only to find it was none other than former Call of Duty pro, and current analyst, Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler!

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Realizing what had just happened, Scump burst into laughter and shouted “Wait, that was NAMELESS,” before proceeding to call him a “nerd” and a “loser” and jokingly asking him “who cut your hair?”

Not wanting to be left out, Nadeshot commented on Wheeler’s failure to kill him completely, and their history of competing against each other in Call of Duty esports. “NAMELESS is ass dude, he was missing all types of shots”, he jested. “Bro, we were always waxing NAMELESS back in the day anyways.”

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Fans of Scump and Nadeshot have enjoyed seeing the two popular streamers back together again. Haag and Abner were long-time teammates on OpTic Gaming’s CoD roster, and won an X Games Gold Medal together. While Scump is still a member of OpTic, Nadeshot has since moved on to start his own organization, 100 Thieves.

While Nadeshot and Scump seem to have enjoyed their reunion, we’re not so sure NAMELESS will have appreciated it as much!