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Scump accused of Warzone hacking just days after he starts playing

Published: 3/Sep/2021 20:47

by Alec Mullins


The CDL offseason means pro players are flocking back to Warzone and it looks like some people can’t fathom just how good they really are. OpTic Chicago’s very own Scump has just started dropping into Verdansk and has already been bombarded with hacking accusations.

With the 2021 CDL season wrapped up, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has only been back in Verdansk for a few days, but that doesn’t mean he’s not already terrorizing lobbies. When he’s not busy putting together a new team for the next CDL season, the former world champion and X-Games Gold medalist has been in top form while streaming Warzone.


While the CoD legend is a menace in the competitive scene, he is also causing chaos in Warzone and some viewers are having a hard time believing that such skill is normal.

Scump’s been on an absolute tear through Verdansk, but seeing isn’t believing for some members of his Twitch chat.

OpTic Scump accused of hacking in Warzone

If you haven’t watched pro players before, it’s easy to mistake their good habits and elevated skill level for something else, but it would be fairly shocking to find out that the longest-tenured professional player in Call of Duty had been up to no good for his entire career.


Even though he is a legendary SMG player in the CDL, these allegations come after he demonstrated exactly how good the Krig 6 can be.

While Raven Software have recently picked up the pace cracking down on hackers, it’s wild to see that even the best players in the world aren’t sure if they’re cheating or not.

This isn’t a new problem for Call of Duty, accusing players of cheating at the game is somewhat of a tradition in the community, but thankfully it’s easy to see when those claims don’t hold water. Unfortunately, it’s likely we will see more allegations like this crop up as we get further into the CDL off-season.


While the competitive Warzone community has grown exponentially over the last year, CDL pros dominated the game while waiting for the release of Cold War, including three members of Atlanta FaZe setting a world record for eliminations in a Quads lobby.