Ridiculous custom Call of Duty Gun Game mode goes viral on TikTok

call of duty custom game tiktokActivision / Pexels, @cottonbro

A testament to the Call of Duty community’s creativity, a new custom game mode has gone viral on TikTok after a user shared their friends’ absurd Modern Warfare Gun Game settings.

CoD fans are familiar with creating custom games and playing wacky modes. Whether it’s hopping into a 1v1 to settle a beef with a buddy or running some Prop Hunt, the FPS aficionados have a variety of ways to blow off steam. 

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With recent drama and malaise surrounding skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, it should be no surprise that some players have gotten imaginative and begun controlling their own destiny in custom modes. 

That’s the case for TikTok user ‘thedillygang,’ who decided to test the limits of their friend group’s love with an absurdly difficult Gun Game variant. While the mode hasn’t been added to Black Ops Cold War, it can still be played in 2019’s Modern Warfare.

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As DillyGang explains, this custom match is built solely on the principle of maximum difficulty: “I just made a game mode on Modern Warfare that will test you and your friends’ trust, it will make you hate each other. This game mode took us 30 minutes to beat.”

As for why it took 30 minutes? That’s because the mode is a Gun Game with unlimited time, 300 health, and…every single death sets you back a whopping five weapons (as opposed to the traditional single setback).

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How to set up custom “Blood Pressure” Gun Game in Modern Warfare

  1. Scroll to “Private Match, Trials & GameBattles” at the bottom of Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer options and select Custom Game
  2. Go to Game Setup
  3. Choose any map you’d like, although the Gunfight options are best for a smaller group
  4. Set mode to Gun Game (found in the Alternate Modes column)
  5. Go to Game in Game Rules and set Time Limit to Unlimited
  6. Go to Player in Game Rules and set Max Health to 300, Health Regeneration to Very Slow
  7. Go to Advanced in Game Rules and set Setbacks to 5 Weapons
  8. Select Options, save the mode and go test the bounds of your friendship

While the idea of sweating it out and arguing with your friends may not sound enticing to the average person, CoD fans are a different breed and enjoy few things more than stirring the pot of trash talk. 

That love of banter can perhaps be evidenced by nothing as strong as the fact that this custom mode has gone viral. Especially when DillyGang explained the experience like some recounting a personal trauma: “We were screaming the entire game … My blood pressure is crazy right now.”

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Calling it the “Blood Pressure” mode, the gameplay showcases just how intense the custom match is. Now, we just wait to find out if TikTok fans try this out and themselves and discover if their friendships are able to survive the test. And then we’ll see if community feedback is enough for Treyarch and Raven Software to bump Gun Game up on their to-do list.

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