Ridiculous Black Ops Cold War cheat lets players equip five guns at once

Black Ops Cold War five weapon exploitActivision

Cheaters have taken Black Ops Cold War exploits to a whole new level in the latest update, having somehow found a way to equip five weapons at once while also loading in with movement and health boosts.

Cheaters are nothing new in the latest Call of Duty title, in fact, they’ve been an issue since the game’s beta in 2020. But now, eight months into the Cold War cycle and hackers have truly broken the game at its very core.

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Throughout every release in the series, players load into the multiplayer experience with two weapons. A primary that ranges from assault rifles to snipers, then a secondary that often includes shotguns, pistols, and the like. This limitation keeps things simple but also stops you from becoming an actual one-man army.

Completely bucking that trend, however, a new exploit lets players run rampant in Cold War lobbies with far more tools at their disposal. In the latest instance, a cheater was spotted with five guns equipped at once.

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While playing a casual game on June 30, Reddit user ‘MacTavishesBanana’ noticed something out of the ordinary. Right in their spawn on Crossroads, a player was moving oddly fast.

Even when crouched, this player appeared to be moving at the speed of a full sprint. Catching teammates off guard, others quickly stopped to observe this crazy movement.

Before long, they took note of this cheater’s arsenal as well. Within a matter of seconds, the player had swapped between five different guns. From akimbo pistols to an RPG and even a baseball bat, their inventory was seemingly limitless.

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Standard rules didn’t apply to them as their equipment went against any possible loadout in Cold War today. Moreover, the player also appeared to have full armor from the moment they loaded in as well.

Black Ops Cold War gameplayActivision
With five weapons equipped at once, there’s no need to pause and reload.

Some players speculated that it may have been a perk glitch that accidentally puts weapons into tactical and lethal equipment slots. However, there’s currently no confirming just how to go about exploiting this supposed bug.

Whether it’s a hack or an unintended glitch, you’ll need to be cautious. Players could be wreaking havoc in your next lobby with an endless supply of weapons.

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