Repullze slams Caldera for changing Warzone’s gameplay: “This year has been horrible”

Repullze on WarzoneYouTube: H3CZ

The removal of Verdansk was a necessary-but-controversial decision from the Warzone developers, but Repullze is of the opinion that changing the map has done more harm than good for the battle royale.

There aren’t many names in Warzone that can rival that of the Baka Bros. Diaz, Repullze, and LuckyChamu made themselves a household name in the early days of the game and they’ve kept up that level of success ever since.

While Warzone is the title that put them on the map, Repullze claims that the game has taken a significant nosedive since the implementation of the pacific-themed Caldera and he’s also detailed some more specific grievances he holds with the title.

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Repullze claims Caldera ruined Warzone’s combat flow

The Baka Bro opened up about his thoughts on the game during his appearance on The Eavesdrop Podcast with OpTic H3CZ.

Some time after the legendary esports owner asked about how Repullze got his start, the conversation meandered to how he feels about the game at the current moment and nothing was held back at that point.

“I can 100% objectively say that Caldera is nowhere near as good as Verdansk,” he said. “When you play competitively, the flow of Verdansk is amazing. It’s like you’re able to go from fight-to-fight-to-fight…[Caldera.] it’s a running simulator.”

It wasn’t all negative though as both the Warzone star and the ’42-year-old phenom’ both had high praise for the newest map Fortune’s Keep, praising it for the amount of “finesse” options available thanks to the close-quarters and fast-paced gameplay.

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As we draw closer to the release of Warzone 2 it looks like FK may be the only thing that keeps some of the biggest names in the scene playing the game that they love.