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Replays Explains Why FaZe Clan is Making Role Changes Ahead of CoD Champs

Published: 7/Aug/2018 10:51 Updated: 7/Aug/2018 10:58

by Ross Deason


FaZe Clan Call of Duty star James ‘Replays’ Crowder has explained why the team has switched up some roles ahead of the 2018 Call of Duty World Championship.

The veteran player stated: “we are 5-13 in Hardpoint from Anaheim to Stage 2. We have won five maps since Anaheim in Hardpoint.”

The CWL Pro League Stage 1 winner then went on to explain that the team decided to “try and go over VODs and figure out what the fuck was wrong with our gameplay because we couldn’t figure it out.”

However, despite Replays noticing a lot of tendencies that other teams don’t do and making some changes, FaZe struggled at the Stage 2 playoffs, finishing in 5th – 6th place.

The 21-year-old goes on to say “we come home from Stage 2, we start scrimming, and we still get absolutely fucking fried, we scrimmed eUnited or some shit and literally went like 2-14 in map count”.

After making changes to their gameplay and seeing no improvements, Replays says “we decided that I think it’s time for a role change because we won five Hardpoints in the last three months of tournament situations”.

The FaZe star was responding to questions after a message on Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner’s stream caught the attention of fans on August 5:

“We felt that we needed a change, and it works for us, so trust the process. New roles as follows; Me – Main AR | Replays – Sub | Attach – Flex | ZooMaa – Sub”

With the Call of Duty World Championship set to take place from August 15 – 19, the players have just two weeks  to settle in to their new roles.

FaZe Clan has been drawn in Group E for the $1.5 million event alongside compLexity Gaming, Enigma6 Group and Morituri eSports.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War weapons & perks changes revealed for Zombies

Published: 31/Oct/2020 0:23

by Tanner Pierce


After revealing Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode back in September, Treyarch has now done a deep dive into all the changes coming to the mode. It seems like, in some regards, it’s going to be a completely different experience this time around.

If you’re excited about Black Ops Cold War’s iteration of Zombies but are hungry for more details, then you’ll be happy to know that Treyarch just delivered.

Thanks to a new blog post, the developer has given fans a deep dive into all the new changes coming to the game. While the developer ended up confirming a number of different features that previously leaked a few days back, they also revealed some wholly new information.

New perks for Zombies

While the developer officially confirmed the six perks that will be available at launch, including the exact statistics they will change, more will be announced when new maps get added to the game, in true Treyarch fashion.

The ones currently implemented, however, are sure to please longtime fans.

  • Jugger-Nog: 50% increase in health
  • Quick Revive: 50% increase in health regen speed
  • Speed Cola: 15% increase in reload speed
  • Stamin-Up: Increase in sprinting speed (percentage unclear)
  • Deadshot Daquri: ADS automatically moves sights to enemy weak spot (aim-assist)
  • Elemental Pop: Every bullet has a chance to apply random Ammo Mod effect

Black Ops Cold War Zombies weapons and scorestreaks

While weapon rarities isn’t new information for Black Ops Cold War Zombies, as it was previously announced by Treyarch during the initial reveal, the developer has finally gone into more detail about what it all means.

Like Warzone, each weapon that you pull from the wall or Mystery Box will be a certain weapon: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. As expected, the higher the weapon rarity, the higher damage it deals and the more attachments it’ll have.

In addition, the mystery box will now contain scorestreaks on top of that, which was easily one of the coolest part of the original reveal trailer.

  • Combat Bow
  • Sentry Turret
  • War Machine
  • Chopper Gunner
  • Self-Revive

Right now, it’s unclear if the only way that players will be able to get their hands on these valuable items will be through the Mystery Box, although previous leaks have indicated that Zombies will also be able to drop them.

All weapons in Black Ops Cold War, including the ones pulled from Mystery Boxes, have rarities.

New Exfil feature

The final feature that Treyarch revealed new details about was the new Exfil feature, which allows players to end their match before they die. According to the devs, you’ll only be able to do this from Round 10 onwards.

That being said, if you’re able to reach the extraction point within the time allotted, you’ll receive extra XP, as well as some Raw Aetherium Crystals, which can be used to upgrade your weapons.

All of this, combined with all the leaks we know including the armor changes, the upgrade system, and the salvage system, which have now all been confirmed by Treyarch, makes it seem like this year’s iteration is going to be wild.