Red Reserve’s Zer0 on How He Discovered Competitive Call of Duty and His Plans After Competing

Calum Patterson. Last updated: May 23, 2022

Professional Call of Duty player Trei “Zer0” Morris is now one of the most recognized players globally, and in the most recent episode of ‘Behind the Controller’ details his rise to the top.

Zer0 has been one of the top European players for a number of years, but he is relatively new on the scene compared to some of his contemporaries.

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Breaking out in the Advanced Warfare season, Zer0 has been a consistent top player both in Europe and internationally, and was part of the first EU roster to win a major tournament on North American soil at the Global Pro League Stage One Playoffs in 2017.

His current Red Reserve team, featuring Rhys “Rated” Price, Joseph “Joee” Pinnington and Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall are considered the top EU team, and perhaps the 2nd best overall roster behind the dominant Rise Nation squad.

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And like many fans and players of competitive Call of Duty, former player and now 100 Thieves owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag played a big part in getting Zer0 into the competitive side of the game.

“I had like 50 days played on every single CoD up until Black Ops 2. I went on Twitter one day and the Call of Duty World Championships was on, I can’t remember how old I was, I must have been like 14, and I was gassed to watch it.

And then I started watching Nadeshot, and just kept following and following.”

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Zer0 also explains what he would like to do after he retires from competing, saying that he will look to keep his connections to MLG, the developers and Activision, perhaps even moving into game design.

“I hope to build up a relationship with either MLG or Activision, or Treyarch or anyone that makes the games.

Help on the esport side of things, or actually help design the game because I feel I actually have quite a good idea how to design a map or something like that. Especially for how esports is right now, it’s been on the rise, but now it’s just blowing up completely.

I feel I could help out a lot in that region, if it carries on the way it is. I’d make the best map ever, just give me five minutes and I’d make one.”

You can watch the full episode of ‘Behind the Controller’ from MLG and Scuf Gaming with Zer0 below.