Red Reserve’s Rated shuts down ‘CoDBurner’ claims about CWL Pro League spot

. 3 years ago

The infamous CoDBurner has dropped new information regarding Red Reserve, a Call of Duty team currently in turmoil, but long time player Rhys ‘Rated‘ Price has shut down the claims.

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Red Reserve’s future in Call of Duty is currently up in the air, with two players announcing free agency shortly after the end of their cross-division split in the CWL Pro League.

Matthew ‘Skrapz‘ Marshall and Trei ‘Zer0‘ Morris both announced they were looking for moves elsewhere, after the team wrapped up a three match losing streak in the league.

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Call of Duty / Twitch
Red Reserve had a tough cross-division split in the Pro League, going 1-3.

CoDBurner claims about Red Reserve

The notorious CoDBurner Reddit account, which is known for leaking insider roster information, previously claimed that Skrapz was being targeted by Team Envy, but that his buyout was extortionate.

However, with Skrapz now stating that his buyout is only $10,000, some are questioning both the legitimacy of the CoDBurner’s information, and whether it means the Envy move is on the cards.

On April 2, the CoDBurner made the surprising claim that Red Reserve were leaving Call of Duty altogether, with the spot potentially going to an amateur team.

CoDBurner made his claims about Red Reserve on Reddit.
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Rated responds to CoDBurner claims

Shortly after the posts, Rated made clear that the CoDBurner had some misinformation and called the mysterious figure an ‘idiot’ for spreading the misleading details.

Assuring fans that “the spot isn’t going anywhere”, Rated promised that an amateur team would not be acquiring Red Reserve’s position in the league.

Long time Red Reserve player Rated wasn’t happy with the misinformation being spread.

This suggests that Rated will perhaps retain the spot along with the remaining Red Reserve players, Joseph ‘Joee’ Pinnington and Ben ‘Bance’ Bance, although this is not confirmed.

For now, Red Reserve’s status as a CWL Pro League team, both as an organization and for the players, is uncertain, but fans shouldn’t have to wait long to see how everything falls into place.

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