Red Reserve Edge Out Echo Fox to Stay Alive at CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs

Joe O'Brien

Red Reserve edged out a tough series against Echo Fox to stay alive in the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

Red got out to a strong start by taking a 2-0 lead, but a turn-around from Echo Fox forced the European side to fend off a reverse sweep with a narrow fifth-game win.

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The match kicked off on Ardennes Forest Hardpoint, and though the lead changed hands several times it was Red Reserve that took control as the game came to its conclusion, booking a solid win to kick things off.

Sainte Marie du Mont SND was a back-and-forth affair, neither side ever taking a large lead in the game. The two teams ultimately traded back and forth all the way to a round eleven, where it was Red Reserve that came up clutch to reach match point in the series.

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Red almost ended it in the third game, a tight Ardennes Forest CTF that went to overtime after a 1-1 end to regulation. It was Red that captured the first flag of OT, but with more than four minutes to work with Echo Fox were able to respond with a faster capture of their own, extending the series.

London Docks Hardpoint was in many ways a mirror of the opening game. Both teams kept themselves in contention throughout most of the map, but this time it was Echo Fox who found the final push they needed to secure the victory, forcing a deciding fifth game.

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Search and Destroy offered another intense showdown between these two teams, this time to decide the series on Ardennes Forest. In the end, Red Reserve took it 6-4, securing a 3-2 victory and a spot in the next round of the lower bracket. Echo Fox’s tournament, meanwhile, ends here.

Red Reserve  Echo Fox

HP Ardennes Forest 250-195

SND Sainte Marie du Mont 6-5

CTF Ardennes Forest 2-2 (OT)

HP London Docks 197-250

SND Ardennes Forest 6-4