Rebirth Island finally has its first Solo playlist 15 months after Warzone arrival

. 3 months ago
Warzone Rebirth Island gameplay

Rebirth Island fans are being spoiled with Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 Reloaded update as not only is the smaller battle royale map changing with new POIs and features, but the first-ever Solo playlist is finally locked in as well.

When Rebirth Island arrived in December 2020, it came in as a smaller map allowing for shorter matches than the regular Verdansk experience.

As a bite-sized experience with less ground to cover and a reduced lobby size, the pace is significantly different from a standard game in ordinary battle royale playlists.

In the 15 months we’ve had Rebirth in rotation, it has only ever been playable as part of a team. Be it Duos, Trios, or Quads, standard Rebirth playlists and even the Resurgence mode have always featured teams. 

Though history is finally being made in the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch, as a Solo playlist has been locked in.

Warzone Rebirth Island map
Warzone players finally have the option to play Rebirth in a dedicated Solo mode.

A unique Resurgence Solos playlist has been confirmed for Rebirth Island this season. With the spotlight on Rebirth and its many upgrades in the latest patch, it’s a fitting time to introduce the first-ever Solo mode.

This means individual players can quickly load into a round of Rebirth action without needing anyone else to fill. If you’re just looking to boot up Warzone and get into some gunfights as soon as possible, this is the mode for you.

Given the pace of Rebirth, a Resurgence variant for Solos only makes sense. This gives everyone in the lobby multiple chances, opposed to just having a single life.

It’s currently unclear if the new Solos variant features a 40-player lobby or if the number will be adjusted either way to balance the individual experience.

warzone rebirth island
While Resurgence Solos appears to be temporary, like all playlists, it could become a more frequent inclusion if the demand is there.

The first-of-its-kind Solos mode should help fill a number of gaps in Warzone today. Not only can it serve as a great warmup before you team up with some friends, but the individual playlist should also be another great option when it comes to leveling guns.

The Resurgence Solos mode is expected to arrive on Thursday, March 24, as part of the first playlist refresh after the Season 2 Reloaded patch.

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