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Pro CoD Players are Convinced the Trees are Multiplying on Ardennes Forest

Published: 1/Jul/2018 21:42 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 18:05

by Vincent Genova


Professional CoD star James “Clayster” Eubanks has spotted what appears to be extra trees near Cave on Ardennes Forest and now the entire Call of Duty community is questioning their eyesight.

It all started when Clayster tweeted an image of what he thought to be an additional two trees, other pros immediately reacted with negative opinions on the changes.

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Trees on Ardennes are known to cause aim assist inconsistencies, so there was initial push back at more of them being added to the map.

Some people welcomed the changes however, including a redditor who posted the updated map will play even better with the additional trees.


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Things got a little confusing when John “Xotic” Bruno brought up an image from CWL Anaheim that showed the two “new” trees were there the whole time.

Players and community members began to wonder if Sledgehammer snuck an update in before the tournament and nobody noticed.

Before people got too angry about the allegedly sneaky ways of Sledgehammer, YouTuber Nero blew everyone’s minds by showing an image from November 2017.

The trees were there since launch. Did the entire competitive community forget what a map looked like at the same time, or are we living in a simulation where Sledgehammer Games has the power to alter time and space as we know it?


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Fortunately, Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson has the very simple answer to why everyone was fooled by the trees.

We suggest everyone take a breather and enjoy the trees, whether they have been there since November or not. You may want to toss a smoke over Bunker just to be sure, after all, this is what Ardennes looked like at CWL New Orleans.