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Call of Duty • Jan 30, 2019

Pro Call of Duty players bash UYU for controversial roster change just days before CWL Pro League

Pro Call of Duty players bash UYU for controversial roster change just days before CWL Pro League

UYU's announcement of a roster change for the Call of Duty pro team has created a heavy stir of controversy as several prominent pro players have publicly lashed out at the org.


On January 30, UYU announced that Anthony 'Methodz' Zinni, their newly acquired substitute for CWL Pro League, was to be promoted to the starting team, trading places with Tristan 'Spoof' Green.

This immediately garnered a negative reaction from the community since the news had come as a total surprise to Spoof, who will be losing his status as a pro player without having played a single pro match. 


Some of the biggest names in the scene were quick to take shots at the org, calling them unfaithful and bashing them for turning their backs on a player who had been a big reason why the team had qualified for the Pro League in the first place.

Things got even messier when Spoof revealed that the players' had decided to pick up Parasite as their substitute, not Methodz, but the organization's higher-ups overruled that decision and went with the latter.


This decision was openly questioned by Team Envy's Patrick 'ACHES' Price, who surmised that the org had ulterior motives to making this move.


Red Reserve player Trei 'Zer0' Morris was not very kind in his assessment of UYU, calling it a "dodgy place to be."


He also was very concerned about the lack of job security for competitive CoD players, claiming that many organizations will look to profit from players then leave them in the dust. 

OpTic Gaming's Seth 'Scump' Abner responded to Zer0's tweet with a prediction that a roster change this early would only spell doom for everyone else that's currently on the UYU roster. 

Scump's OpTic teammate Thomas 'TJHaLy' Haly also responded to Zer0, and expressed his agreement by using a classic British slang that means "dodgy."

Parasite, the player who was supposedly in line to join UYU as their Pro League substitute, had a long series of tweets reacting to the whole fiasco. 

Here are other reactions from some of the biggest names in the competitive CoD community, virtually all of whom were very displeased with UYU's decision.

Of course this isn't the first roster change of this sort in recent weeks; 100 Thieves similarly signed on former FaZe Clan star Priestahh to their CWL Pro League roster and demoted Fero to the substitute's role, despite Fero being part of the squad that qualified 100T for the Pro League.

At the time, the situation also attracted some criticism from the community, although it was not as harsh as in this case. 

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