PPSh overtakes MP40 in Warzone meta after devs confirm accidental buff

warzone ppsh with warzone logoActivision

The PPSh has overtaken the MP40 as the most popular weapon in Warzone Season 2, after devs Raven Software confirmed they had accidentally buffed the Vanguard SMG’s damage above the rest of the field.

On February 22, Raven promised that a nerf was coming to the PPSh, saying that they had given the gun an “unintended increase to both its base damage and location-based multipliers.”

While the weapon had been growing in popularity, the MP40 was, for a very long time, the go-to weapon for any of the best Vanguard loadouts.

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Players started to realize there was something special about the PPSh, though, and throughout Season 2 the meta has slowly been shifting. This was only bolstered by the PPSh being floor loot in Rebirth Island, helping many players realize just how powerful it is.

Warzone character using ppshActivision
The PPSh has become the number one gun in Warzone.

After a long time catching up to the fellow Vanguard SMG, the PPSh finally claimed the top spot according to stats from February 22-23.

As shown by WZRanked, the PPSh-41 reached a 10.4% pick ratio in Warzone, increasing each day to finally take over the MP40. Meanwhile, the MP40 is down to 9.3% down from around 15% just a week prior.

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Not only that, but the KD difference is incredible. The PPSh is at an average KD of 1.29 — the second highest in the game, behind only the C58 — while the MP40 trails quite far behind at 0.98.

most popular warzone weapons list february 23WZRanked
The PPSh is officially the most popular weapon in Warzone — and with one of the highest KDs.

Below the two Vanguard guns, the Modern Warfare Kar98k and Cold War Swiss K31 rifles are still as popular as ever, with Cooper Carbine AR also in the top five.

While an exact timeline for the PPSh nerf hasn’t been provided, you can expect it to come sooner rather than later now that the devs have announced it. From there, it will be interesting to see how the meta changes once again.

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