Call of Duty

Potential Black Ops 4 Menu Music Appears to Have Been Leaked

by Albert Petrosyan


An audio file has surfaced on the internet that is rumored to be the menu music for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

While the leak has not been confirmed via any of the official channels, many have reacted to it positively, commenting that it brings back memories of the classic Black Ops theme.


This music is sure to add fuel to the fire of hype and anticipation for Black Ops 4, which the community is hoping will take Call of Duty back to ultimate prominence.

Developer Treyarch also produced the previous game in the series - Black Ops 3 - which many consider to be the last truly great title in the fabled franchise.


However, there have been numerous pieces of intel about the game that have been leaked and reported on ahead of the reveal event.

This audio file, if it indeed does turn out to be the menu music for the next title, is the latest in this series of leaks.


CoD: Black Ops 4 was announced on March 8th as the next title in the iconic first-person shooter franchise, confirming the preceding weeks of heavy rumors.

The series' vast player-base awaits in anticipation for the big community reveal event that is scheduled for May 17th, along with the game's actual release on October 12th.