Possible Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks leak includes old specialists

. 2 years ago
Black Ops flamethrower Cold War

A Call of Duty leaker has revealed details for scorestreaks that could be coming in the next Treyarch title, Black Ops Cold War.

With the annual release cycle slowly finding its way back to the top, Black Ops Cold War has been officially revealed and details are starting to pour out, be it through official sources or from leakers and data miners.

While players expect Cold War to be a notable shift away from the Modern Warfare style of play, one major change fans have been heavily debating is the shift between scorestreaks and killstreaks.

Black Ops Cold War helicopter
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is due for release November 13.

It seems that Cold War will be transitioning back to scorestreaks this year, meaning that players will also be rewarded for objective plays as well as getting kills.

Specialists could return as scorestreaks

As leaker Tom Henderson (formerly known as YouTuber Long Sensation) describes, we might be getting a lot of new scorestreaks this year — including the return of some specialist weapons from Black Ops 3 and 4 as streaks themselves.

“A lot of the specialist weapons from BO 3/4 will be returning but as scorestreaks this year,” he said, in a tweet posted on September 2. “The Flamethrower, Hand Cannon, Bow, Grenade Launcher and Death Machine are currently on the list.”

Henderson also added that there are currently 18 scorestreaks in Cold War, the same number as was in Black Ops 3.

That wasn’t all, though. Henderson also added that, for the first time in Call of Duty history, new scorestreaks could end up being added to the game throughout its life-cycle, rather than all being immediately available at launch, as there’s “still several more streaks that have been designed but not yet implemented.”

This would definitely be an interesting change to the game, and would keep content fresh as the year goes on, and could be implemented seasonally similar to how new maps, weapons and gamemodes as has been occurring in Modern Warfare.

Obviously, as with all leaks, take all of this information with a pinch of salt. While Henderson has been reliable in the past and accurately leaked information regarding Cold War, that doesn’t mean it is a dead certainty, especially with how frequently scorestreaks can change in the development process and depending on how recent a build his information is from.

That said, this all sounds extremely exciting as anticipation for the new game builds, and the implementation of specialists as scorestreaks is likely to please those who weren’t a fan of specialists in Black Ops 3 and 4.

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