Popular Warzone TikToker Sebas Beron joins Envy

Theo Salaun
sebas envy gaming
Twitter, @sebasberon1 / Envy Gaming

After signing the Botez sisters and BobbyPoff, Envy Gaming have announced a new addition to their Call of Duty: Warzone team — popular TikTok creator and Twitch streamer, Sebastian ‘Sebas’ Beron.

As Warzone and TikTok continue their unrelenting drives upward in mainstream culture, Envy have gone ahead and signed a content creator with a foothold in both areas. Around one week after signing popular Warzone streamer BobbyPoff, the gaming organization brings on Sebas as their second creator from the battle royale.

While Sebas hasn’t made a ton of money from tournaments, he has become more active in the scene. In 2021, he’s already played in the $250K Twitch Rivals custom and the $150K Dallas Empire Jack Link’s Invitational

Envy, who run the Dallas Empire and Dallas Fuel, among other teams, are known for a competitive pedigree in the gaming industry. Sebas, meanwhile, is best known for competitive, aggressive gameplay in Warzone and showcasing his personality and dance moves on TikTok.

With over a million followers across his social platforms, the Colombian Warzone player is the latest character added to Envy’s growing content team. And he already started celebrating by joining BobbyPoff on Twitch for a day full of Verdansk slaying.