Popular Warzone streamer Fifakill banned on Twitch

Activision/YouTube: Fifakill

One of Warzone’s most popular and successful players and content creators, Ethan ‘Fifakill’ Pink has been banned on Twitch — and it seems to be for posting a picture in another chat.

There are many great Warzone players around the world, but Fifakill ranks especially high on that list. Sitting in the 10 slot as the highest earner in the game’s history, he has a decent following when it comes to his social platforms.

The ban happened during a normal stream for Fifakill on April 9. The pro was rocking around 3K viewers and playing the battle royale when suddenly everything went offline for him.

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To much of everyone’s surprise, Fifa revealed that he had been banned from Twitch and told Dexerto he had no idea why.

Warzone star Fifakill banned on Twitch

In a tweet, Fifakill broke the news to fans that he has been banned. On top of this, he wasn’t aware what the reason was, typing “WTF?”

When visiting his Twitch channel ‘fifakillvizualz‘ it reads: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.” However, he has no idea what he did wrong.

People are baffled by Fifakill’s ban on Twitch.

Not only was Fifa confused on the situation, many others were as well. Multiple people replied with question marks and tagged Twitch Support as the community believes it had to have been a mistake.

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Even fellow Warzone pro and streamer ShawnJ hopped in, tagging Twitch and their support saying in all caps, “HELP HIM PLEASE.”

Fifakill tweeted a few hours after his initial ban, with what he believes is the reason. “Pretty sure I was banned for posting a pixel-art image of a ‘party sausage in Bread’s [bbreadman] chat.”

According to him, the ban will last three days, so anyone looking for content on Twitch from Fifa will need to wait until April 12 as he serves his punishment.