Popular Modern Warfare & Warzone feature set to return in MW2’s DMZ third-mode

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Recent Call of Duty leaks hint at a popular Warzone feature, which starred most prominently during the Modern Warfare life-cycle, returning in Modern Warfare 2’s third mode DMZ. 

Infinity Ward’s upcoming Modern Warfare 2 is among the most anticipated CoD titles of recent years. 

Leaks have been piling up regarding maps, weapons and modes, with almost all noises about the 2022 instalment suggesting it is in a very healthy state and is set to be a strong iteration. 

Among other things, players are excited for DMZ, a third mode set to replace the long-featured Zombies. While some details are still unclear, we know it will be comparable to Escape from Tarkov and will boast large environments and teams.

Modern Warfare 2 leaks reveal Intel and DMZ details

Now, fresh leaks from RalphsValve and TheGhostofHope – both of whom have leaked information pertaining to the 2022 title correctly in the past – have revealed new details on DMZ.

In particular, the third mode will allegedly carry on the game’s main campaign, with “Characters, Fronts, and Quests” all expected to carry over. 

Players will allegedly be able to ascertain new information on the Campaign through the accumulation of ‘Intel’, which hasn’t featured since Warzone incorporated aspects of Modern Warfare 2019. 

TheGhostofHope said: “Intel which was last seen in Call of Duty: Warzone in 2020 will return in DMZ with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This very likely ties into what RalphsValve heard several months ago about the story continuing after [the] campaign through DMZ. Intel is one part of establishing that connection.” 

Intel was popular in Warzone’s early days, with Modern Warfare 2019 players especially eager to recover it and learn more about its characters and plot.

It’s also worth saying that, despite the respective leakers’ track records, a lot can change in development processes and the content is not confirmed until Infinity Ward or Activision make it official. 

Here’s hoping we see it drop alongside a strong campaign when MW2 releases on October 28.