Popular Modern Warfare AR still has high pick rate in Warzone despite abysmal KD

kilo 141 in verdansk stadiumActivision

One of the most popular weapons in Warzone is a once-meta Modern Warfare assault rifle — but players are still using it despite the terrible stats it puts up.

Many Warzone players have a lot of nostalgia for former meta weapons, with guns from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War falling out of favor as the Vanguard weapons became ever more powerful.

In recent months, many players have attempted to revive old guns, as Modern Warfare guns see a big increase in usage in the game.

One of those is the Kilo 141, which was one of the first real meta rifles in Warzone, and saw a resurgence at the start of Season 5 alongside others, such as the M13 and the Grau.

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At the time of writing, the Kilo ranks as the seventh most-picked gun in the entire game with a 3.37 pick rate, ahead of more powerful weapons like the Automaton and Gorenko sniper.

This is despite how awfully the Kilo performs on a statistical basis. According to WZRanked, the AR only has a 0.95 win rate, ranking terribly alongside other ARs of similar pick percentages.

Even worse, though, is the average KD of just 0.59, one of the worst KDs on record, even beat out by the likes of the Scar, Rytec AMR, and the EX1.

It goes without saying that if you’re still using the Kilo 141 and wondering why you’re losing gunfights, the first point of call should be replacing your primary weapon.

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As it stands, the top KD assault rifles for long-range fights are the UGM-8 and the Automaton, but if you are looking to stay off-meta, you could opt for the quietly impressive Vargo 52.