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Parasite slams CoD League and pro players for ‘robbing his career’

Published: 17/Nov/2019 14:41 Updated: 24/Nov/2019 14:26

by Andy Williams


Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte has lashed out at Activision’s seeding system ahead of the Call of Duty League, which is set to kick off in 2020 on Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare has brought with it a host of changes to the Call of Duty series. Alongside the plethora of changes to multiplayer, Activision will be launching the first season of a franchised league in 2020.

Twelve teams are set to lock horns in a bid to earn their right to play-offs at the end of the spring and summer season splits, respectively. 

Following successful qualification, all teams will go head-to-head in the Championship Weekend at the tail end of the season. 

Activision. The Call of Duty League World Tour will launch in Minnesota.

However, although the prospect of franchising coming to Call of Duty seems perky from the outside, its cut-throat manner has left long-time pros scraping for their careers. 

Under the new system, each player who is recruited by a professional team is automatically allocated 15,000 pro points — including substitute players on a franchised roster. 

For players such as Parasite, this means that they will have to accrue pro points through grinding officially sanctioned events. By contrast, those hand-picked to be on a pro roster will not have to undertake the same efforts to maintain their seeding.

Gamebattles (MLG).Parasite joins the likes of Nagafen and Felony in the pursuit for pro points.

Evidently frustrated by the pro point system, Duarte lashed out while breezing past a pro team during a match on-stream. 

The former world champion was annoyed by how the system effectively safeguards professional teams. “They can take their 15k gifted pro points and shove them up their f**king ass,” Parasite said. “That’s sh*ts a f**king joke!”

The 25-year-old pro continued to vent by saying: “My career literally is robbed by people who don’t f**king deserve it.”

Standing by his point, Parasite released a series of Tweets to clarify exactly what he meant by his comments.

He also hit back at fellow player Tom ‘GRVTY’ Malin, suggesting he was “blessed” with a substitute spot thanks to personal friendships, arguing that his ‘accolades’ alone do not merit it.

Duarte sparked interest on the CoDCompetitive subredditwith plenty of fans defending his corner in-light of the league’s structure.

The Call of Duty League is set to kick-off in Minnesota on January 24 –26, where various teams will be looking to get off to a quick start.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War players demand change to controversial camo challenge

Published: 1/Dec/2020 22:08

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty players are calling on Treyarch to revamp one of the camo challenges in Black Ops Cold War, Policia, because it relies too heavily on their opponents’ actions.

Anyone who plays Call of Duty should be familiar with camo challenges – weapon skins that are unlocked as players complete certain tasks. These normally range from scoring a certain amount of headshots, picking up double kills, or just simply fragging out.

However, while the community generally loves completing these challenges, there is one in Black Ops Cold War that players are demanding get changed: the science category.

These skins require players to get kills on enemies who are “taking cover from you in multiplayer”; the final unlock in the category, Policia, requires fifty of these kills.

Black Ops Cold War Checkmate
Shooting enemies behind cover is a major drag for some players.

Given the fact that you need your opponents to behave in the exact way you need them to and get behind cover as you kill them, completing this challenge can be a massive chore. So much so that players are calling for Treyarch to change it.

“I know it has literally never happened, at least to my knowledge, but can you PLEASE make this a different camo challenge?” Redditor Dementor8919 asked. “I hate camos where you quite literally have to depend on other people to do said thing. Please man I’m begging you.”

I know it has literally never happened, at least to my knowledge, but can you PLEASE make this a different camo challenge? I hate camos where you quite literally have to depend on other people to do said thing. Please man I’m begging you. from blackopscoldwar

Others agreed and remarked how previous Black Ops games had better challenges.

“Remember the good old days where you had to get hip fire kills?” one user reminisced. “At least there ain’t a camo challenge where you have to get 100 kills whilst being prone, just imagine the camping.”

“Yes please change this! Whoever decided to make this challenge should actually try doing this…it is a pain. Why would they make a challenge where you have no control over it?” another chimed in.

Taking cover in Black Ops Cold War
Will Treyarch change up the camo requirements?

The original post itself ended up getting a lot of traction with over 4,000 up-votes on the site and even earned Reddit awards from users who would also like the camo’s requirements to be tweaked.

So far Treyarch has yet to respond to the post or make any mention of plans to change it, but hopefully, they end up figuring out a method of making the camos more appealing for BOCW players to try and unlock.

Also, if you need help completing any of the gun skin challenges, make sure to check out our Black Ops Cold War weapon camo guide, which also includes all the steps needed for gold, diamond, and Dark Matter Ultra.