Parasite explains why London Royal Ravens were “destined to fail” in CDL 2021

London Royal Ravens

While Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte has been incredibly positive about his time in the CDL with London Royal Ravens, he has explained that he believed the side was “destined to fail” during Stage 1.

With Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris unable to get out to the US to compete with his London team, Parasite was brought in as a temporary replacement.

The team had a 0-6 start to the CDL, struggling every step of the way and becoming the indisputable worst team in the league — not a moniker anyone wants, and not one expected of this London side.

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While Parasite has expressed gratitude for his time with the team, it seems he feels there was always bound to be problems given what the team has gone through.

Parasite leaves London Royal RavensLondon Royal Ravens
Parasite’s tenure with London lasted only through Stage 1.

In response to a Reddit post about his performance providing the third worst fantasy CDL score during Stage 1, the 2013 world champion opened up on the team’s struggles.

He said: “Hardly any practice. Different views on the game and internal issues didn’t do us any favors. The Ravens have been going through a lot if you haven’t been able to tell. Statistics mean nothing when we can’t even get on the same page. Everyone is destined to fail.”

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Of course, with the numerous roster issues the London team has faced, they were due to face some hardships. Losing Zer0, and then Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter unable to play at the Major, is beyond what many teams had to deal with.

Parasite says London Royal Ravens destined to fail CDL 2021Reddit: ParasiteCoD
Parasite says the team went through a lot, and they were “destined to fail” as a result.

That said, it doesn’t seem all doom and gloom when it comes to Parasite and the Ravens. They’ve brought on top Challengers player Paul ‘PaulEhx’ Avila, who could help turn the tide in their favor.

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Parasite has also been super complimentary to the London team going forward. In another Reddit comment, he said that Zed “helps a lot tremendously even if stats don’t show it.”

In a similar tweet, he said that they “treated him like family” and he was “surprised how well everyone kept composed despite everything that continued to pile on.”

Needless to say, Parasite left a good impression on the Royal Ravens and vice versa — but he believes the team was “destined to fail” from the start.

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