Parasite Breaks Down Everything That’s Wrong with Amateur CoD Players

Ghost Gaming player and 2013 world champion Chris “Parasite” Duarte took to social media to explain what he believes is wrong with the amateur Call of Duty community.

Due to the season of open events and the Gamebattles Pro Point system, Call of Duty esports has a busy amateur scene, both in the US and in Europe.

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While some players do make the jump from amateur to professional, there is a feeling amongst some that the same players have been competing at the top level for years.

Part of the blame has been put on the pro players themselves for not giving chances to up and coming players, but Parasite thinks the attitude of some amateurs is detrimental to their progression.

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He explains that constant ‘roasting’ of each other on social media, and failing to practice while focusing on their mistakes is part of the problem. 

Parasite also says that while amateur players are able to play a certain way at home online, they are unable to adapt when it comes to LAN performances.

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Although Parasite has himself narrowly missed out on the Pro League this 2018 season, he has been a staple in the professional scene for years.

And although some amateur players online performances may gain them some recognition, what really counts is being able to put in those same performances when out of their comfort zone in an open event environment.

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