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Pacman explains why Zaptius wasn’t right to replace Dylan on London Royal Ravens

Published: 3/May/2021 11:20

by Jacob Hale


While assessing some of the rumored and confirmed changes in the Call of Duty League, Reverse Sweep’s Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker explained to Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and Katie Bedford why he thinks Alex ‘Zaptius’ Bonilla was the wrong choice for London Royal Ravens.

London’s roster turmoil this season has been well-documented. Visa issues, family emergencies, and performance drops have led them to have the most-changed roster in the CDL.

Their most recent change to the starting roster was bringing in Zaptius for an underwhelming Thomas ‘Dylan’ Henderson, who thus far failed to live up to his Black Ops 4 hype.


While Zap does have the traits that could improve London’s shortcomings, the Reverse Sweep crew isn’t convinced.

London needed an out-and-out SMG slayer that would fly in and put pressure on the objective and enemy players. Typically, Dylan would’ve been expected to do this, but it just wasn’t happening.

“The issue with LAG was that they don’t have enough actual top-end potential with their players,” Pacman explained on Reverse Sweep. “So why, if you’re London Royal Ravens, do you make the same mistake and drop one of the players that actually has that explosive potential to pick up someone who, frankly, doesn’t?”


Pac adds that he “just doesn’t like the direction they went in,” which could prove to be a fair criticism over time if Zap doesn’t become that explosive player that London needs.

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London actually had a pretty successful week at the Paris Home Series, beating New York Subliners and taking Atlanta FaZe all the way to a map 5.

There’s clearly potential on the team, especially to cause some big upsets like that, but they need to start notching more wins under their belt and picking up those all-important CDL points for it to really matter.