OpTic’s Crimsix roasts TJHaLy’s Specialist skills in Black Ops 4, and TJ fires back

Albert Petrosyan

In the competitive Call of Duty community, not even teammates are safe from being on the end of some smack-talk, as proven by OpTic Gaming‘s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Thomas ‘TJHaLy’ Haly. 

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Crimsix roasts TJ while using Ruin

Crimsix decided to stream some Black Ops 4 League Play on April 11, choosing to use the Ruin Specialist in a match of Hardpoint on Frequency. 

Midway through the game, Crim used the Ruin’s Grapple Gun to pull off a masterpiece of a combination, getting four quick eliminations in the Hardpoint. 

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He followed that up with a quick reaction use of the Grav Slam on another two enemy players, bringing his kill-streak up to six, after which he blew off some steam by throwing shade at his teammate TJHaLy.

“See what’s so hard about that Teej?” he yelled out. “Play a whole fucking map and he doesn’t even do that one time! It’s unbelievable!”

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The reason why Crimsix directed those comments at TJ was not because they were playing in the same match, because they weren’t, but rather because TJ is OpTic’s main Ruin player during scrims and official matches, and Crim did not shy away from sharing his opinions about the job that his teammate had been doing.

TJ fires back at Crimsix on Twitter

Crimsix ended up tweeting out the clip and putting a caption that playfully suggested he should be OpTic’s new Ruin player. Inevitably, this caught the attention of TJ, who fired back with his own comment: “We saw you on sub last year.”

TJ, of course, was referring to Crimsix’s performances using an SMG weapon during the previous WWII season, a campaign in which OpTic failed to win any major tournaments for the first time in years.

Crim, recognizing that he had reached a stalemate against his teammate, offered a simple truce by putting a popular Twitter GIF to good use.

Is there truth in these jokes?

While no one is doubting that both players’ intentions in this encounter were simply some playful banter between two teammates, there has been heavy talk in recent days that OpTic could indeed make some role changes before the upcoming CWL London major tournament. 

The infamous and mysterious insider known as the CoDBurner has hinted multiple times that a role swap is on the books, and the players themselves have been heard discussing it on streams.

If OpTic do end up making role changes, they’ll have to get accustomed to the new roles fast, as they will be facing 100 Thieves, Enigma6 Group, and Team Reciprocity at CWL London in less than a month.