OpTic Texas announces full CDL roster returns for Modern Warfare 2

OpTic Texas CDLTwitter: OpTicTexas

After it seemingly looked like Dashy and iLLeY had one foot out the door, OpTic Texas announced its entire roster is returning for Modern Warfare 2.

OpTic Texas initially thanked Brandon “Dashy” Otell and “wished him the best in everything.” Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal tweeted he was a free agent signaling a possible roster shakeup.

It was a tumultuous season for the storied CoD franchise. iLLeY dealt with a lingering thumb injury throughout the season. Texas finished with one major title after entering the season with loftier expectations.

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Rumors began swirling about who OpTic would add in iLLeY and Dashy’s absence.

OpTic quelled all doubts, announcing every starter from Vanguard is returning for the Modern Warfare 2 season.

Twitter, @OpTicTexas
The full OpTic Texas roster returns for Modern Warfare 2.

OpTic Texas make shocking roster announcement

It was doom and gloom for OpTic fans. Dashy and iLLeY were all but gone, and fans didn’t know what the future entailed.

Several reports hinted at OpTic exploring replacement options such as HyDra, Cammy, or Attach.

Arcitys added fuel to the fire by tweeting he is a restricted free agent, possibly opening the door for an Arcitys and Dashy swap.

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The OpTic Texas official Twitter account reassured the masses by simply stating, “back for ’22-23.”

Roster moves are not official until August 22 at midnight, but OpTic wanted to set the record straight after a day of uncertainty.