OpTic Scump reveals his ultimate CoD tier list with some surprise picks

optic scumpYouTube: Scump

Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has revealed his ultimate CoD tier list, and there are some selections that will definitely turn heads.

With players still making their minds up about how the current title, Vanguard, weighs up against some of the classics, Scump has joined in on the fun and created his tier list, showing where exactly he thinks certain games rank in comparison to each other.

While everyone has their own opinions on certain games, there are definitely some CoD titles that are almost unanimously agreed upon as top tier. For example, Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are often regarded as untouchable entities atop the CoD mountain.

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But how does Scump rank each CoD title? It might raise some eyebrows once you see the results, but he does clarify that the list is “strictly competitive.”

Scump reacts to low ranking on all-time CoD list, "I have 29 championships"MLG
Scump is one of the most celebrated CoD players of all time.

While Scump does include Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 at the top of his list in the S tier, he also places Black Ops 3 alongside them.

On the opposite side of the tier list, he places Modern Warfare (2019) on its own in the F-tier, with World War II only just above it in D-tier.

He does argue that there’s some potential for debate around where he placed Modern Warfare 3, CoD 4, and World at War, but for the most part, says the rest are definitely “exactly where they should be.”

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For many, there will definitely be debate around these games. Call of Duty 4, on both a casual and competitive level, is often heralded as revolutionary and one of the greatest FPS games in the genre.

Modern Warfare (2019) was also incredibly popular on a casual level, but there was a clear divide between casual players and the pros, so there will likely be a lot of debate around that choice.

That said, as one of the greatest CoD players to ever touch the sticks, Scump’s thoughts on the games probably hold a little more weight than other people’s.