OpTic Karma stuns Nadeshot and Cloakzy with “inspirational” Warzone 2 clutch

Damon 'Karma' Barlow of OpTic Gaming.Activision

Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow is one of the greatest players to ever grace Call of Duty and his most recent Warzone 2 clutch left Nadeshot and Cloakzy completely mindblown.

Karma is a three-time Call of Duty World Champion and even though he’s been retired for two years he hasn’t lost a step when it comes to absolutely dominating lobbies in both traditional multiplayer and Warzone 2.

He’s far beyond needing to prove himself to anyone at this point and his skills are widely known, but sometimes he reaches levels that even his ultra-talented peers can’t believe, and that’s exactly what happened when Nadeshot and Cloak watched him clutch a game that would have been impossible for most.

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Karma’s ridiculous Warzone 2 clutch shocks his friends

OpTic’s resident GOAT was left in a desperate situation. The only man alive for his squad, there were still five teams on the hunt for victory. Trapped inside a building with the gas at his back, Barlow quickly collected a full kill on one player before heading to the roof and jumping down to confront his victim’s teammates.

He effortlessly cleans up the next two before limit-testing himself by challenging a third player who had already landed some shots on him. The unlucky player on the other end was no match for him though, and again Karma repositioned, this time under a nearby highway where another team had laid roost.

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As the gas threatened the players up above, a well-placed Precision Airstrike bought him enough time to understand where the last unknown players were posted up.

After a quick series of nearly unbelievable gunfights, the legendary gamer was greeted with the Victory screen and a chorus of approval from his teammates.

“Damon, you’re in the f***ng zone today!” Cloakzy said, with Nadeshot following him up and calling the performance “inspirational”.

Barlow has made a career out of pulling off these kinds of plays, and with OpTic’s Call of Duty League roster struggles, it’s certainly enough to make one wonder if they should potentially be looking inward to find the answer.

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