Call of Duty

OpTic Hitch Announces Call of Duty: Ghosts Throwback Invitational Featuring KiLLa, MBoZe, and More

by Virginia Glaze


OpTic Gaming content creator 'Hitch' and online tournament organizers UMG are hosting a massive Call of Duty: Ghosts throwback tournament, featuring some of the game’s iconic players and teams.


The 8 team invitational tournament will take place on September 22nd and will include longtime CoD veterans, such Mirx, MBoze, Ricky, Killa, and others.

Hitch had previously teased the tournament with a cryptic tweet hinting at a future announcement, following up with a video that revealed the tournament and its details.


The video description, uploaded on Hitch’s YouTube channel, states the purpose of the tournament is to celebrate Ghosts’ competitive scene by bringing together former rosters to relive the game’s glory days.

On September 22nd, UMG and myself are bringing the community an 8 team, Ghosts invitational for $5,000. The entire purpose of this tournament is to try our best to reunited past rosters from that year one last time on this particular game.


This news follows the recent 'Rallied vs MBoZe' CoD: Ghosts Showmatch,' which was another Ghosts tournament organized by Hitch.

Like the Showmatch, this new tournament will also be an invitational, but will feature a lot more players and teams and will have a massive $5,000 prize.

With more information to be released, fans can look forward to further player team announcements in the near future.