OpTic H3CZ reveals CDL LAN events will start during Stage 4

H3CZ leaks CDL Lan return on OpTic preshowYouTube: OpTic Chicago

OpTic Chicago CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez may have accidentally leaked the fact that LAN will be returning to the CDL from Stage 4 onwards… and even hinted at when fans could be back in arenas.

After it was recently announced that LAN would be returning to the CDL sometime during the season, no set dates were given and fans were left guessing.

Now, though, it looks like we’ve got a much better idea thanks to H3CZ being perhaps more open than he should’ve been on the OpTic pre-show.

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Ahead of the Paris Home Series, H3CZ discussed the return of LAN, and gave fans some prospective dates to look forward to, as well.

H3CZ and Envoy during OpTic Chicago CDL matchInstagram: hecz
H3CZ might not have to poke his head through the backdrop much longer.

While discussing how LAN will come back and how much it’ll impact the game during the OpTic Preshow, H3CZ gave fans a bit more to look forward to across the coming stages.

“We’ve just received some clarity on that [LAN],” he said. “We won’t see a LAN event until the following stage. And then after that, the next stage is the OpTic Chicago homestand. Yet to be announced as for where it is, not that it matters because no one’s showing up anyway.”

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Implying that there will be no fans at the upcoming LAN events in Stage 4 and onwards, Hector adds: “I don’t think that we’ll see fans until… maybe Champs. Maybe Champs.”

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Taking a look at the full CDL schedule, the Chicago Home Series takes place at the start of Stage 4, from May 27-30.

If LAN is instead pushed back to the Stage 4 Major, this is currently scheduled for June 16-20, meaning we should expect the switch from completely online play to occur in mid-June.

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There are not yet any set dates for the Call of Duty Championship, but this usually takes place from mid- to late-August, meaning a couple of months and the possibility of restrictions easing up a little. Whether this means fans can attend and watch the games live is another question.